Flyinstinct: artificial intelligence for airside inspection

03 June 2021 Partners
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Recently selected by Challenges magazine as one of the 100 startups to invest in in 2021, Flyinstinct designs and proposes innovative solutions to digitalize visual inspections in airports. The proposed systems use artificial intelligence to assist airport staff, especially those in charge of airside security.

Flyinstinct's first product improves the detection of FOD (Foreign Object Debris). These FOD are often found in an inappropriate place (runway, APRON...) and can damage equipment and/or injure personnel. Of all the types of runway and taxiway safety incidents, FOD represents the highest cost, estimated at more than 13 billion dollars worldwide for the entire aviation industry.

In order to prevent FOD-related risks, civil aviation authorities regulate airport runway and taxiway inspections. ICAO Annex 14 requires that they be inspected at least once or twice a day, depending on the size of the airport. In the majority of airports around the world, this inspection is performed by trained inspectors using the naked eye.

In order to further increase airside security and bring it to the highest level, Flyinstinct has developed the FODlocator: an intelligent mobile assistant that accompanies the inspector in the detection of FOD, and works under any weather conditions.

The FODlocator consists of a set of smart cameras, connected to a patented software (proprietary to Flyinstint) installed on the roof of the inspection vehicle. It assists inspectors in real time, indicating the possible presence of FOD in the vicinity. The collected inspection data is then stored in a secured cloud, allowing airports to have access to all the necessary data for regulatory audits, insurance claims or predictive maintenance  of infrastructure.

The FODlocator is also compliant with current regulations and inspection processes, and is adaptable to all existing airport vehicles and ramp equipment. The solution has already won over several airports as it is currently being deployed at Lyon Saint-Exupéry airport and tested at Paris-Orly airport.

Flyinstinct does not intend to stop there and is developing other solutions with its technology based on an artificial intelligence algorithm. Currently under development are the FODspot, a fixed FOD detection solution on the runway and apron, and the OBSTAmonitor, an intelligent system that verifies the absence of obstacles on the approach. These ongoing projects are carried out in collaboration with two major French airport groups.

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