Become a member

There are different ways to become a member, get involve with your alumni association, and enjoy full member privileges. The pathway primarily depends on your educational journey at ENAC and on your interest in advancing the goals of the association regarding aviation and higher education.

The content below is provided for your convenience. The official statutes of the association are those registered with the Département de la Haute-Garonne in Toulouse, France.

Which membership are you eligible for?

  • I hold one of the ENAC degrees listed in Appendix A of ENAC Alumni’ statutes: I am a statutory member.
  • I am an ENAC student pursuing one of the degrees: You can join the association as a student member in anticipation of your graduation. You will need to graduate to become a statutory member.
  • I do not hold any of the ENAC degrees listed in Appendix A of ENAC Alumni’ statutes: I can apply for an associate membership.

Statutory Membership

Every former ENAC student who has graduated a degree program listed in Appendix A of ENAC Alumni’ statutes is a statutory member of ENAC Alumni. After your graduation, ENAC Alumni will receive confirmation of your achievement from ENAC and will add your name to its statutory member list. New statutory members will receive a confirmation email from the association. If you have graduated and have not received confirmation of your membership, please reach out to

Student Membership

Students enrolled in one of the degree programs listed in Appendix A of ENAC Alumni’ statutes can join the association in anticipation of their graduation. They need to apply through the association and, once their membership is confirmed, they will enjoy most of the rights and privileges conferred upon statutory members, including the right to cast a ballot in the elections and other votes organized by ENAC Alumni.

Student members who do not graduate lose their membership. However, they are still eligible for the associate membership (see below).

Associate Membership

ENAC Alumni is an inclusive association that aims to serve its members’ community as well as advancing civil aviation and aviation education worldwide. While we grant automatic membership to statutory alumni, we recognize the diversity of the broader ENAC community. We are open to everyone interested in advancing our goals and participating in our activities and programs. In 2021, the General Assembly of ENAC Alumni approved an amendment to our statutes in order to open our membership to any individuals who came to ENAC for a non-degree program, to the ENAC personnel, and to anyone interested in the promotion of the sustainable development of aviation and aeronautics.

Individuals falling under one of these categories, and not meeting the requirements of the statutory membership, can join the association as associate members. To become an associate member, applicants shall submit a letter providing their contact information, stating their interest in the association, and explaining how they wish to advance our goals and be involved with our activities and programs. This letter shall be written to the attention of the Board of Administrators along with a copy of their ENAC certificate (if applicable). Application packages should be sent electronically to The Board of Administrators reserves the right to refuse applications.

Active and Inactive Memberships

Active members have paid their annual due. Active membership starts on the day of the payment of the membership fee and expires 12 months later.

Active members only can cast a ballot in the elections and votes organized by ENAC Alumni, and run for election, regardless of the type of membership they have. Active members enjoy specific privileges, such as discounted rates for many of our events and services, including full access to our member directory, magazine and job offers.

We understand that some members going through financial hardship cannot pay their annual due but wish to maintain their active member status. On a case by case basis, the Board of Administrators may grant a waiver to the annual due to outstanding members who are contributing to the association, wish to maintain their active member privilege, but are not able to pay their membership fee temporarily. Such request letter should be written to the Board of Administrators and sent electronically to The Board of Administrators reserves the right to refuse applications.

Honorary Membership

An honorary membership can be awarded by the Board of Administrators to persons who render or have rendered services reported to the Association. Honorary members benefit from services and benefits offered by ENAC Alumni, and they receive an honorific invitation to the events of the association.

Patron and Benefactor Memberships

Donator members (“membres DONATEUR”) are members electing to pay an annual membership fee at least equal to five times the basic membership fee.
Benefactor members (“membres BIENFAITEUR”) are members electing to pay an annual membership fee at least equal to ten times the basic fee.