Sharing, shining, exchanging, empowering, enriching oneself, discovering the professions of yesterday and those of tomorrow, cultivating the spirit of big industries, SMEs, start-ups, defining your professional project and finding the right contacts ... Join the ENAC ALUMNI network

These are the key missions of ENAC towards its Alumni:

Maintain and develop among all the graduates of National School of Civil Aviation (the Alumni) the friendly relationships started within the campus,

Assist its members in their job searches and transitions through dedicated workshops, customized coaching...

Promote the personal development of its members on a technical and cultural level through continuous training sessions, personal development and retraining for executives of the aeronautics, space, air transport industry and related economic sectors;

Help, support and assist those among its members experiencing professional or personal hardships,

Help its Alumni organize gatherings between classmates of the same promo,

Allow its Alumni to teach at ENAC as a professional expert.


The key mission of ENAC Alumni towards ENAC and its students:

 Contribute to the reputation and success of ENAC, ensure the promotion, awareness and renown in France and abroad,

Monitoring the level of excellence of the training program, ensuring the respect of social diversity, the outstanding quality of research and the relevance of innovation and through these means deliver constructive insights within the departments of the school where the Association is represented,

Bringing a useful support to life on campus as well as an efficient collaboration with the teaching community of the School,

Promote the meetings between the students and Alumni through professional references, business conferences, lunches, trips to businesses...


The mission of ENAC Alumni is also to contribute to the growth and evolution of aeronautics, and air transport industry and research in France and abroad,

ENAC Alumni is a member of the  Conférence des Grandes Ecoles and d'Ingénieurs et Scientifiques de France (Association of Elite Graduate School and Engineers and Scientists of France)


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