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    1. Tuesday 26th October at 02:00 PM
      Excellence Club Aerospace Awards

      The Excellence Club Aerospace Awards will be held on October 26 at B612 in Toulouse.This professional gathering is dedicated to bringing together players in aerospace and...

    2. Wednesday 10th November at 09:00 AM
      2021 EASA Annual Safety Conference

      Safety in Air Traffic Management

    3. Friday 19th November at 06:00 PM

      SAVE THE DATE :You have been waiting for it with impatience, we finally announce it...After a cancelled edition in 2020, the ENAC Gala will be back on Friday, November 19, 2021!

    4. Monday 22nd November at 11:00 AM
      EUROCONTROL Aviation Sustainability Summit

      European aviation is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050. But how to easily reach this ambitious destination?EUROCONTROL is organizing an Aviation Sustainability Summit,...