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    1. Friday 3rd April at 06:00 PM
      Conferences : Terminal T4 of CDG and The future of Airports & l'Assemblée...

      We invite you to participate the 2 April 2020 at 5.30pm, to two conferences about The Terminal T4 of CDG by Marc Houalla (IENAC82 & IAC89), Chairman of Aéroport de Paris -...

    2. Thursday 14th May at 10:00 AM
      Interview simulation with Les Elles de l'ENAC : GODMOTHER REGISTRATIONS

      During the "Journée ENAC Entreprises", les Elles de l'ENAC offers interview simulations to girls students. On 14th of May 2020, ENAC organize the "journée ENAC Entreprises" for...

    3. Tuesday 9th June at 09:00 AM to Thursday 11th June at 06:00 PM
      The Future of Airports at Passenger Terminal Expo

      The Future of Airports will be presented at the next edition of Passenger Terminal Expo that will be held from 31 March 2020 to 02 April 2020 at Paris Expo – Portes de...