Claire Bouteyre (IENAC96) : undertake demands to constantly evolve

27 August 2019 The summer notebooks
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Claire Bouteyre (IENAC T96) is head of Ressources, consulting firm specialized in supporting top management and their teams in challenging contexts of organisation transformation.


"Creating Ressources in 2007 is the achievement of an academic and professional investment, during which personal development has played an important role. My motivation to become an entrepreneur is primarily the will to think out of the box and call into question what is existent. Be an actor of one’s professional life has always been an obviousness to me.

I entered ENAC with a well-defined professional project: sell aircraft. During my studies at ENAC, I went to Continental Airlines in the United States for an internship. Once graduated, I started in a design office for Dassault Falcon Services as a certification manager, then I have worked for 5 years in aviation financing for Société Générale. These experiences have provided me with an overview about aircraft, from conception to operations, including financing. In parallel, personal development has always helped me to manage challenges and stress, either for exams, professional situations at high stakes or aerial competitions (I am a pilot since I was 16 years old).

In 2007, it was time to realise a new project matured over these first experiences: help industrial companies with high technical expertise and leaders on their market to constantly reinvent to take up environmental and social challenges. In order to remain one step ahead, these companies must surpass themselves. However, no transformation is successful without human resources motivated by a clear and shared vision. After a 2-year training in coaching, Ressources was born to help managers and their teams to progress individually and achieve the project to undertake business together.


"Undertaking requires to evolve constantly"

Launching a business requires to know how to develop activities and sell. You must build an offer, consolidate your expertise. You also must have tenacity and a clear vision! Ressources’ first years have enable to acquire a territory recognition in Val d'Oise where I am based. I also have developed experiences by diversifying projects in terms of sectors, company profiles and missions. Today, offer is targeted: with the advent of digital, additive manufacturing, connected airports, open innovation, among others, we should reconsider the way we work and collaborate. Ressources helps managers and their teams to anticipate these evolutions, build bridges between jobs in more and more interdisciplinary projects.

Undertaking also implies to constantly evolve. Ressources today climbs a new step thanks to a training to Vision methodology for the network Hommes & Projets. This concept reconciliates multiple approaches (top/down et bottom/up). It enables to duplicate in large companies’ branches and Business Units an homogeneous support to managers and their teams around the « dream vision » of their mission and strategic axes they should implement to achieve it. It is a new potential for my consulting firm that will enable to do more in international companies, while keep deploying for small teams facing a high growth. It is also the occasion to increase support to strategic projects I want to develop.


"Dare undertake!"

ENAC Alumni has been part of my entrepreneurship adventure. When created, I had the opportunity to intervene as a coach to help professional transition. During a year, I have assisted several members in their career repositioning. I have also contributed to the launching of the association Club Entrepreneurs in Paris. Today, we can see many entrepreneurs among ENAC Alumni, in particular students who benefit from a very promising ecosystem to start a business. I remain attentive of this major entrepreneurial axis to share experiences. Launching a company becomes more and more an obviousness because current context of strong mutations is beneficial for entrepreneurship. My advice to all who want to be the actor of their career: dare undertake! "


Find the whole file "They have undertaken... and you ?" in the Mag#18 of ENAC Alumni

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