Portrait: Carine TRUONG (IENAC 93), Careva Aero Capital CEO

08 March 2024 Brief
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1.Can you introduce yourself in a few words? What are the key words about you ? 


I am currently a senior advisor in aircraft trade, financing and merger and acquisition.  For the past 28 years, I have been based in different countries spanning the globe: Europe, Asia and the Americas. I have worked in a wide array of fields such as commercial and private aircraft manufacturers and conglomerates in banking, leasing, and the academic world.



2. What are the biggest challenges you have experienced during your overall career ?


When I began my career, it was extremely challenging to break through the glass ceiling, battling stereotypes to gain acceptance and respect as a young female engineer in a high-pressure male-dominated industry.

But the most challenging aspect of my career has been striking the balance between my personal and professional life. 

School does not prepare students for this. I believe true success lies in reconciling your personal and professional life, finding the harmony and developing long-term stability in every aspect of your life. 


3. What are the characteristics to progressing as a woman in aeronautics ?


Passion, authenticity, commitment, resilience, and audacity are key values for success. And while it is crucial to respect the company's values, expectations and their way of functioning, adapting to cultural values and society behaviors is just as important as developing your professional skills. It allows you to navigate the professional world by optimising and highlighting your personal qualities in a very constructive and pragmatic way. 


4. How would you describe ambition as a Woman in this business ?


Some people think that a woman's ambition may be identified as performing as well as or better than a man. That is a misconception. Women have intrinsic skills such as empathy, listening, negotiation, resilience and attention to detail with a more global vision. This makes women an outstanding asset in a professional world that aims to be more inclusive and diverse.

In my opinion, ambition must embrace the day-to-day balance, authenticity, diversity, inclusiveness and passing those values on to the next generations. 
So to the question I was asked during the oral entrance exam at ENAC (30 years already!), "Miss, do you want to be a woman or an engineer?" », my answer has not changed: "I want to be a female engineer!" 


5. How would you say ENAC Alumni networking has an impact in your career?


Anyone studying at ENAC develops strong values in life, with passion, open-mindedness, courage and resilience, and this defines our powerful and driven Alumni community.

ENAC Alumni network draws its strength from more than 50 international cooperations, 118 nationalities, and an exceptional influence all over the world and in all aeronautical fields.

For the past 10 years, I have been lecturing the Air Transport Economics module for the Advanced Masters in Air Transport Management with Tsinghua in Beijing and Hong Kong International Aviation Academy in Hong Kong where I've had the pleasure to see every year that the ENAC spirit remains and is well transmitted beyond borders. 



6. What one piece of advice would you give to any aspiring female business leaders reading this?


Beyond academic knowledge, learn about life, keep an openness to the world, be yourself and dare to explore!



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