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A new think tank on aerial mobility 

01 March 2024 Brief
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ENAC Alumni is launching a new think tank on aerial mobility this month.

In the continuation of the transformation of the association’s research activities (see our
January article), the Aerial Mobility Think Tank is a new group created by aerial innovation enthusiasts in order to exchange ideas in an open-minded work frame. It will provide a forum where alumni and non-members can discuss the emergence of new ways to use aviation to transport people and goods. 

The think tank is chaired by Giulio GALLEGOS (MS APM 2017). He will be assisted by Vice Chair Giovana MONTEIRO (MS APM 2017).
“We look forward to exploring new concepts around advanced air mobility and more. Our goal is to support the emergence of these technologies without losing sight of the priorities for our industry which are always seeking safety enhancement and technical optimization. We put our skills at the service of society, acknowledging our role as aviation professionals".

The scope of work includes transverse topics related to the introduction of new technologies for aerial mobility and other services provided by crewed or uncrewed vehicles. This includes, but is not limited to, crewed electric VTOL aircraft for urban transportation, autonomous drones for delivering medical supplies and pharmaceutical products, etc. 

The objectives of the think tank are: 

  • To create a place where knowledge related to aerial mobility is centralized, and professionals may find answers to their questions through our network.  

  • To create a forum to discuss emerging issues and provide consensus analyses that can help develop and implement new concepts in safe and efficient ways. 

  • To contribute to the emergence of sustainable aerial innovation by presenting our ideas in the form of articles, whitepapers, conferences, etc. 

The think tank will propose roundtables on strategic topics, task forces to address “hot topics” in the industry, webinars, afterwork events, and more. 

Stay tuned… We will announce soon a webinar session by an expert of the drone industry about the state-of-the-art in UAS detection. We will also propose, as the first subject of analysis, an assessment of the robustness of the European air traffic management framework for UAS known as “U-space”.   

How to join the think tank? 

You don’t need to be an aerial mobility expert in order to participate, every contribution is important and valued. In addition, we are all stakeholders in the introduction of these new technologies in our society, and we are all learning from each other. Everyone has a place in this think tank.  

From your ENAC Alumni profile: visit the webpage of the think tank and click on Register. 


Do not hesitate to reach out to the think tank leadership if you have any questions: 

  • Giulio GALLEGOS, Chair of Aerial mobility Think 

  • Giovana MONTEIRO, Vice Chair of Aerial mobility Think Tank: 

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