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"Vamos Arriba" association

16 May 2022 Article
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The growth of a country depends, amongst other things, on the initial and lifelong training of its people. The educational system must train people capable of building their life project, committed to exercise their citizenship and to search the society well-being.

In Peru, before the COVID-19 pandemic, the population in the 18-29 age group already stood at 7.3 million people, of whom approximately 2 million were not studying or working. And only three out of ten young people are pursuing higher education (IPAE 2021). On the other hand, the country's aviation industry is very limited and the little general aviation that exists is neither known nor accessible to most Peruvians.

Faced with this situation, Frédéric BARRAUD, associate member of ENAC Alumni, founded in 2016 the association "Vamos Arriba"[1] in Lima, Peru.  This initiative aims to empower young Peruvians giving them the opportunity to discover the aviation’s world through the practice of sports beginning with parascending then glider piloting.

In May 2019, 15 boys and 3 girls flew for the first time. After two years of confinement, they hope to find again this year the sensations of flight!

The project starts by sports practice, but its scope is much greater, this initiative opens and   encourages the interest to different fields such as science, technology and engineering.  Furthermore, it instills values inherent in the sports practice and which are transferable to all areas of life: humility, respect for oneself and others, equity and inclusion.

According to UNESCO, the specialized agency of the United Nations for education, these values and attitudes are the core of a peaceful, productive, healthy and cohesive community that contributes to a fairer world.

As part of a United Nations global movement to eradicate poverty by 2030 through 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Education is at the heart of Goal 4, which aims to "Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all".  This is where "Vamos Arriba"1 will contribute!

If you wish to become a volunteer or partner and contribute to this noble cause, do not hesitate to contact the association at:

Connect with the ENAC community, share your passion for aviation and contribute to the future of the industry in your region!


[1] The name of the association is inspired by the maxim of Jorge Chavez, Peruvian aviator born in Paris, graduated engineer and first pilot who crossed the Alps flying a Blériot XI on September 23, 1910.

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