11 October 2023 States of the Air
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Can you briefly introduce yourself?

Meriem OUBELKASS, I'm the ATM agency manager in Sopra Steria's Aeroline vertical, dedicated to the aeronautics industry.

Why did Sopra Steria want to support the Etats de l'air 2023?

As part of our long-term strategy in the aviation sector, we have been supporting major players such as DGAC, Airbus, Dassault, EUROCONTROL, Navla Group and Safran for several decades with our technical and business expertise and our digital transformation consultancy.

As the bearer of digital technology for aviation, we are committed to supporting the sector as it evolves, bringing our seasoned eye to bear on the levers of change it needs, and constantly enriching its ecosystem.

We attach particular importance to our partnerships with the DGAC, which are of several kinds: academic, research, as a patron of the ENAC chair, and as a gas pedal of digital services with a real business and digital strategy.

For us, the Etats de l'air is a springboard and an event that enables us to keep abreast of developments in the aviation market, to perceive the challenges ahead, and to share the vision of top executives. It's important for us to be able to contribute to future developments in the sector, and once again demonstrate our strong position and ambition to contribute to its transformation.

Which themes are particularly important to you this year, and why?

The subjects that seem particularly important to me are those that will ensure that aviation and air traffic control management are at the cutting edge on several levels:

-Operational : which can be seen through the prism of green aviation, but not only, it seems to me key to reinventing aviation professions and the services that enable them to evolve.

-Technical : digitalization is, and always will be, a lever for optimization, acceleration and even survival. It's no longer a question of talking about automation, but of integrating the contribution of technology into all processes, not to replace the human element or security, but to increase value, flexibility and efficiency in an ecosystem where resources are becoming increasingly scarce and constraints are on the rise. One of the major technical levers is the acceleration of Cloud modernization.

-Organizational : organizations and processes for managing resources and skills need to evolve to meet the new challenges of aviation. It is essential to rethink practices, resources, management and decision-making processes. It is only by rethinking the sector's organizations that economic, regulatory and societal constraints can be addressed.

In this context, two roundtables strike me as particularly important, the one around Technologies for decarbonizing our industry and the roles needed to bring value, and the one dealing with the use of Data and AI in the sector.

The workshop dealing with the future of technologies serving the passenger journey also seems interesting to me.

Today, it's essential to rethink the role of technology, because it will enable aviation to deal more quickly and effectively with the economic and societal obstacles it faces and will face in the very near future.

What do you expect from this event?

Interacting with the major players in the ecosystem, bringing technology to bear on the business and continuing to contribute to the evolution of the sector.

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