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IENAC 2000's birthday!

23 September 2022 Brief
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The IENAC 2000 class met on Saturday 17 September 2022 to celebrate their 22 years of entry into the school.

The 20 years having been thwarted by the Covid episode, the class did not give up, and a few people from Toulouse took the initiative to gather as many people as possible, even 2 years later. And it did! More than 50 participants met on Saturday afternoon for a moving reunion. Then followed a few games of molkky, and a completely crazy football match under the Toulouse sun: the old jerseys were out, as in the greatest moments of the TGEA 2000-2003, the performances a little lower for most of them (20 years older!), even if some of them distinguished themselves with a very honourable level still worthy of the university level.   
After a pilgrimage in front of the Védrines residence, which is living its last hours (we will miss it...), the troop went to the pocket theatre in the blue room for a cocktail and a party until the end of the night, on the wild rhythms of a pure 2000's playlist!

Thanks to all those who were able to make themselves available for this event, with a special mention to those who had travelled a long way (USA, Cape Verde, Brussels, Paris, etc.) to return to their beloved school, which some of them had not seen since... the graduation ceremony.
At the time of the good-byes, everyone swore that it was not possible to wait another 20 years to see each other again, so see you soon at IENAC 00 on the ENAC campus!
Thanks to ENAC for its welcome.

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