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Food aid for ENAC students - Call for donations

01 December 2022 Brief
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Since the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, you have shown a great sense of solidarity, which has enabled us to carry out many actions for the students most in need. Thanks to the €48,000 of donations collected from our graduates, complemented by €12,500 from GIFAS, we have been able to help 19 students in very precarious situations. Without this emergency aid, these students would certainly have had to give up their studies for lack of financial resources. Your donations have changed their lives.

Today, in a more than uncertain economic context, we are facing an unprecedented drop in the purchasing power of our students as well as a sharp increase in inequalities. It is in response to this situation that we have set up this year, alongside the school's social services, an innovative scheme that we are particularly proud to present to you today: the ENAC food aid fund.

The food aid fund: how does it work?
The food aid fund will be allocated, via the ENAC Foundation, to students who are beneficiaries of scholarships based on social criteria at the highest levels (5, 6 and 7), as well as to students in particularly fragile situations identified by the social services. This aid is credited directly to their ENAC catering account in the form of a grant for an amount equivalent to one student meal plan, for lunch and dinner during the week. In total, thanks to your donations in 2020-2021, we are able to provide free meals to more than 30 of the students who need them most, until spring 2023.

This initiative meets an essential and immediate need while allowing students to focus on their studies with greater peace of mind. Our objective today is to make it ongoing at least until the summer of 2024.

This is why, once again this year, we are calling on your generosity. Our goal is to raise €30,000, which would allow 10,000 meals to be provided free of charge, thus covering the identified needs.

By making a donation in 2022, you will benefit from a tax reduction in 2023, up to 66% of your donation (details on our website).


From the “Fonds de dotation” to the ENAC Foundation: a transparent transition for your donations
The end of this year will be the time of the transition from the “Fonds de dotation” to the ENAC Foundation, a more ambitious structure with a greater capacity for action and increased visibility (more information here). For this transition period, your donation will be made for the last year on the “Fonds de dotation” website. The “Fonds de dotation” will issue your 2022 tax receipt. Nevertheless, the ENAC Foundation will manage the food aid initiative and will take over for your donations in 2023.

Former or new donors, we sincerely hope that you will contribute to this surge of solidarity. Do not hesitate to mobilise your class, our donors are our best ambassadors!
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Thank you all for your mobilisation.


The ENAC Foundation team

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