Organisateurs / Responsables


Strategic Goals:

  • Bring together the ENAC community in the United States;
  • Promote networking and friendship between the members;
  • Promote ENAC and the ENAC engineering degree in the United States;
  • Mentor the newcomers (students and professionals);
  • Help developing relationships with U.S. universities;
  • Support the action of ENAC Alumni worldwide.

Operational Objectives (2021-2022):

  • Include specific diversity & inclusion actions/items in in each project/activity;
  • Organize quarterly calls and disseminate emergency information;
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities for events across the U.S. (incl. virtual);
  • Finalize and update our reference documents (licenses & certif., professional org., universities, fiscal notice);
  • Disseminate alumni news and share job opportunities;
  • Maintain and enhance the Mentoring Program (webinars, videos, etc.);
  • Define a strategy toward U.S. universities;
  • Define a strategy toward B2B opportunities;
  • Promote the membership and ENAC Alumni.

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  • Quarterly Calls: The U.S. Chapter holds quarterly calls for coordinating the actions of the chapter and sharing alumni news. At the end of each call, a guest speaker gives a presentation on a hot topic in aviation or an innovative technology.
  • Afterwork events: We organized our first afterwork event in December 2019 in New York City. We are currently exploring options for the next events. Stay tuned!
  • Mentoring Program: We offer mentoring to ENAC students and young professionals. We pair them with alumni willing to share their experience and coach them. 
  • Diversity & Inclusion: We foster and praise diversity & inclusion. We participate to initiatives to promote aviation careers such as the Girls On the Move Week.
  • Licenses & Certifications Task Force: This task force is interested in assisting our alumni in understanding U.S. licensing and certifications, helping them to get professional recognition nationwide, and promoting the ENAC engineering and technical degrees in the U.S. A first guidance document was released in December 2020.
  • Professional Organizations Task Force: This task force is preparing an inventory of the professional organizations of interest to our alumni, and explore potential collaborations.
  • Friendship Initiatives with U.S. Universities: This initiative aims at bringing together and strengthening the relationship between ENAC, its alumni community, and the U.S. universities.
  • Income Taxes for New Residents: This Task Force is developing a notice to help new residents understand the U.S. taxation system(s) and to suggest resources (reference documents).
  • The Future of Airports - U.S. Focus Group: The U.S. chapter is conducting roundtables on the long-term future of the airport industry in the United States as part of the global research initiative The Future of Airports: A Vision of 2040 and 2070 by the Airport Think Tank of ENAC Alumni.


  • U.S. Licenses & Certifications - Version 1 of December 2020


Un projet de recherche pour améliorer la sécurité des vols d'aviation générale avec les PIREP
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08 juillet 2020
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MS MTA 2009
Strategic Intelligence Specialist, Swissport
IENAC 1987 - L
Managing Director and owner GBNI, WWW.GBNI.FR
IENAC 1981 - L
Executive Vice President, Aircraft Maintenance & Modification & President, VT Aerospace, VISION TECHNOLOGIES AEROSPACE
IENAC 1995 - L
Solution Consultant, IBM
M2INFO_RO 2016
Software Development Engineer | Développeur Back-End C++, AKKODIS
MCTA 2021 - C  |  IENAC 2014 - SAT
Chef de projet, Service Technique de l'Aviation Civile
PNT 1977 - M NAV
IT Technician, Self-Employee
EPL 1990 - EPT - B
MS SMA 2017

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