Understand our Governance

The association is managed by an Executive Board made of members of and appointed by the Board of Administrators. The Board of Administrators is elected by our active members.

The content below is provided for your convenience. The official statutes of the association are those registered with the Département de la Haute-Garonne in Toulouse, France.

Board of Administrators

The Association is administered by a Board of Administrators with 10 to 20 Administrators. Among them:

  • At least 2 seats represent each degree program.
  • 2 seats are occupied by associate members.

The term of office for Administrators is 2 years. There is no limitation on the number of mandates. Administrators running for re-election shall present a report of his actions during his mandate that will be made available to the voters. Beyond 3 consecutive terms, the number of consecutive terms of the candidate for re-election will be communicated to voters as well. Elections are held annually.

During the annual election, the 2 candidates who received the highest number of votes among each group of candidates by degree program are elected. If a seat of one or more of these groups is not filled following this rule, for lack of candidates or for any other reason, and within the maximum limit of 20 Administrators, Administrators shall be elected in the order of the number of votes they received.

Executive Board

The Executive Board is appointed by the Board of Administrators. The Board select these appointees among its own members who remain on the Board as well. The Executive Board includes the President of ENAC Alumni and Vice Presidents, as well as a Secretary and a Treasurer, each one of them assisted by a deputy (optional).

Other Leadership

ENAC Alumni runs several activities and programs all year long. This includes think tanks and local chapters, community initiatives, local roundtables, afterwork events, and larger events such as The State of the Air. All of these are made possible thanks to our volunteers, including our coordinators and the active participation of other members all around the world.

Important: Coordinator positions are held on a volunteering basis. Coordinators are not executives of the association and they are not empowered to represent ENAC Alumni in any official matters (e.g., signing contracts and partnerships, expend funds, or collect dues). Reach out to contact@alumni.enac.fr with any questions or to report abuses and scams.

Get Involved

Any active members can run for the Board of Administrators. They can register as a candidate with the association once an upcoming election is announced – typically by email and on our website – and registration is officially open.

Running for a Board seat is not the only way to get involved with ENAC Alumni. The association is always in need of leaders for coordinating groups, programs, and activities. If you are not up to this type of involvement, but you wish to contribute to the advancement of civil aviation and aviation education, or have an interest in specific initiatives, reach out to contact@alumni.enac.fr and let’s discuss together how you can actively participate!