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Become a lecturer at ENAC!

They work as consultants, in charge of flight test managers, operations engineers, researchers ... and share their knowledge and experience at ENAC. Through interaction with our students these « teachers-managers » bring their ideas, vision, know-how and life experience to our students.

Why not you?

Just update the list of fields of expertise on your profile. An “expert” badge will be displayed on your profile and the members of the network , the school community may resort to your services for some missions (Feature available from January).


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    eMindHub is the first international web platform designed for networking between businesses and experts.

For Alumni acting as experts: you have some expertise in a field (technical, operational, maintenance, financial, complex project management, supply chain, etc.). Register as expert. You will receive e-mail notification as soon as a request is online.

For alumni searching for an expertise: Ask the community of experts to find the specific expertise. Assess the expertise based on the quality of the feedback do not rely on resumes only.

Thanks to our partnership with eMindHub, seize business opportunities for the benefit of your company or your own and take advantage of an expertise within the Alumni community.